Haverford Township Board of Commissioners Meeting, June 10, 2019

Here is the video of the June 10 Commissioners meeting. It’s worth watching all of it, but I’ve cued it up to the speaker before me (I start at 1:11:45). For such an emotional issue I clearly needed more of a script, but I certainly spoke from the heart. Thank you to everyone who was rooting for me in the audience, and to those who also spoke in defense of diversity, tolerance, and our First Amendment rights. James McGarrity was the only Commissioner to speak against the event, but a special thank you goes to 3rd Ward Commissioner Kevin McCloskey for his amazing statement. We need to join together to fight for love and respect for all.

Campaign Announcement

Hello Friends! I want to let you all know, it’s official … the petitions are filed and I am the Democratic candidate for Haverford Township Board of Commissioners in Ward 7!!

It’s a big undertaking, and one that I’m very excited about. The fact is, I love Haverford Township and its amazing schools, safe streets and friendly neighbors. And that is exactly why I want to run: to be part of the next generation of leaders to help Haverford continue to thrive.

In addition to being a teacher for 25 years and current History Department Chair at The Haverford School, I’m also a swim coach, athlete, political activist and working mom. In each of these roles, I have gained skills that could benefit the community: I can listen, analyze information, build partnerships, set goals, and motivate others to action.

In terms of my priorities, I would like the Board of Commissioners to do more to help Haverford’s working families succeed, spur economic development, be accountable, protect our environment and promote inclusivity. But I expect to learn a great deal more from all of you about what you want from our local government.

The one thing I can promise, if I am elected: I will bring energy, discipline, humor and optimism to the post of 7th Ward Commissioner because, well, that’s just how I do things.

Please feel free to reach out to me through email (hannah4haverford7@gmail.com) the website (www.hannah4haverford7.com) or Facebook (@hannah4haverford7).

I look forward to meeting, talking, and working together!!

(Photos: 1) Hannah speaks to the Haverford Township Commissioners, and 2) Our wonderful treasurer team: Gail and David Nichols. G&D are the best!)

Hannah 4 Haverford 7 – Petition Signing Parties!

‘Tis the season for petition signing parties in Ward 7! If you are a registered Democrat in the Ward, please come spend some time with me and your awesome neighbors for snacks, good cheer, and the chance to sign the petition to put me on the ballot for Haverford Township Ward Commissioner. There are three upcoming parties; you can come to the one closest to you, or the one that works with your schedule:

March 2, 2-4 PM: 429 Oxford Road, Havertown (hosts Deb and Marc Kossman)

March 3, 3-5 PM: 1742 Academy Lane, Havertown (host Judith Lalonde)

March 9, 3-5 PM: 516 Lawrence Road, Havertown (host Lisa Curran)

Hope to see you soon!